Oracle and Google trial set for October

The handbags at dawn war between tech giants Oracle and Google will go to court by October.

Oracle swung the first handbag at Google last year, claiming the web search outfit’s Android infringes on Oracle’s Java patents.

Oracle got its claws into Java through its acquisition of Sun Microsystems in January 2010. The lawsuit has mysteriously appeared as the pair start to cross swords in other business areas, including cloud based databases.

It was all set to be a long and messy trial with lots of name calling, white boards, overhead projections and charts. Some even think that there will be so much legal manoeuvring before hand, that it might not even get to trial. The companies might even settle.

However San Francisco District Judge William Alsup warned the two sides that they should not muck around getting the case to trial, as some jury is going to be sitting in October, or he will be very, very cross.

According to Reuters, Alsup said he has limited resources and only one law clerk assigned to the highly technical case.

Since that clerk is moving on to better things Alsup said he does not want a new one to have to learn the matter.

Alsup did not set a formal trial date, and the companies could settle at any time.