Oracle accused of squeezing MySQL developers

Database company Ingres has hit out at Oracle and said it will cut MySQL to such an extent that developers will be locked in to proprietary software.

Roger Burkhardt, president and CEO of Ingres, is anticipating an announcement Oracle will make today called State of the Dolphin.

Burkhardt claimed: “Oracle has already cut back the MySQL road map to avoid competing with its own database management system and will try and attract MySQL developers onto a path to costly proprietary software and vendor lock-in.  MySQL lacks the enterprise grade strength and features required to actually run Oracle’s own applications in production and they won’t add these capabilities.”

He claimed that Oracle will use MySQL and Glass fish as window dressing to head off competition from companies like Ingres and Jboss.

Ingres, he said, has invested in migration tools so “companies can get  off Oracle”.

He said that ISVs are moving away from Oracle’s MySQL in search of a “genuine open source solution”. System integrators and ISVs are moving to Oracle competitors, he said.