Optimist tries to flog open sauce Apple software

In a last minute bid to be ranked as the world’s most optimistic man for 2010, open saucer Jay Freeman wants to set up an open sauce version of the Apple App Store.

Freeman wants to allow Cydia to be used for the Mac OS X. Cydia is previously available only for iOS devices iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The big idea is that developers who do not want to waste time going through a complicated process of approval of submitting apps in the App Store have a place to go.

Submitting software to Jobs’ Mob is not only difficult there is a high chance that your app will be refused on the grounds that it might offend someone, like right wing born again Christians who get all hot under the collar when they see a woman’s ankle. They might also upset Steve Jobs who has to be right on everything even when he is wrong about popular applications like Flash.

Cydia is software for iOS that allows users to browse and download apps for a jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The software has been created by Jay Freeman. There is an associated Cydia Store which contains jailbroken apps and iOS users can find apps using Cydia software.

There is no doubt a market for Cydia, particularly among the more technology literate Apple users. Cydia is used by about 10 percent of all the iPhone users.

While jailbreaking the iPhone is necessary if you want to have the phone service you want, it’s less than clear how open sauce software will work on a Mac.

Mac users tend actually believe that only Jobs’ Mob approved software will work on their machine. Trying to flog open sauce software to Apple fanboys is like selling painkillers to a member of Opus Dei, even if it is free.