OpenStack Summit 2014 is sort of about stacks

The OpenStack Summit was able to herd 4500 of the FOSS Faithful into their keynote this morning at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta Georgia. A counterplay to the notorious TechEd Conference is being held almost concurrently in Houston Texas.

Subjected to tired and worn out Star Wars analogies (screenfuls of plastic soldiers as the enemy), audience members groaned then groaned further at a 45min commercial where a representative from Dell recast the past twenty years of Dell’s history transforming from a Microsoft sycophant into a Linux and OpenStack sycophant. To prove their trust, they bought a company that does open source stuff, and waved the carcass around to dispel disbelief.

Other former Microsoft sycophants, notably Hewlett-Packard (and not Canonical) were also visibly present on the abbreviated OpenStack show floor. Nonetheless, OpenStack claims 16,000+ members and many herded developers— as well as burgeoning Provider and User communities.

OpenStack constituent projects control application lifecycles including provisioning hardware, storage, networking, and other cloud resource components, recently released its ninth version, “Icehouse”. With 16K+ voting members, however, it appears as though an actual core version and reference design may emerge soon, which will make some weep, and others applaud, and still others make competing products as a counterplay.

Users were enthusiastically stoic, however. Said one systems administrator  from France, “The second I can make OpenStack work enthusiastically, I go for the low price. And I do it outside of the United States where they rob me, look inside my instances, then insult me by making me upgrade.”