Openstack regrets its VMWare involvement

A member of the newly formed OpenStack board of directors has said that he is deeply worried about letting the project’s rival VMware into project.

Boris Renski, who is the co-founder of OpenStack integration consultancy Mirantis, told Network World that allowing VMware into the open source cloud project was a “huge mistake” that could damage the project’s market perception.

Renski said that every enterprise he’s worked with so far has been interested in OpenStack because they view it as an alternative to VMware.

Now the board’s decision to work with VMWare has muddled the differences.

He said that if OpenStack isn’t an alternative to VMware, then what the hell is it?

In April VMware VP of Cloud Strategies Mathew Lodge wrote in his bog that the three open source projects, including OpenStack, were the three “ugly sisters.”

VMware then applied to become a “gold” member of the OpenStack community, which requires up to a $200,000 investment and committed staff working on the project.

The board delayed the vote to let VMware join, then in a special meeting approved the move.

After calling it an ugly sister, Lodge said that VMware wants to join OpenStack to extend its vision of a software-defined data center.

However Renski says his opposition comes down mostly to marketing and perception of OpenStack as an alternative to VMware.

There might not be a huge problem with VMware joining OpenStack, but he believes it could drive users to competing open source cloud projects, such as the Citrix-backed Apache CloudStack and Eucalyptus, which do not have associations with VMware.