Open source "advocates" accused of hypocrisy

IBM, Oracle, Red Hat and Google are being accused of double standards in lobbying over the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).

Florian Muller, known for his previous efforts in the NoSoftwarePatents campaign, told TechEye that he’s been watching the big four lobbying. “Open is not what they are, no matter how often they claim so,” he said.

He alleges that OpenForum and its members “should get their own houses in order rather than pressure European politicians and spread dishonest propaganda.”

A story in the New York Times earlier this week said that the companies claim that the EIF is about interoperability and open source.  But he says that the multinationals are simply pursuing their own commercial agendas.

In a blog entry, he describes OpenForum Europe as a “notorious fake representative of open source for many years.” IBM, he says, “preaches interoperability but practices the exact opposite in its core business”. Its mainframe customers, he claims are “locked in and squeezed out” – and IBM has resisted open source mainframe emulators against the Hercules mainframe emulator and TurboHercules.

Oracle’s money making projects are closed source, and while it bought several of Sun Microsystems‘ open source software, the community is concerned about how Oracle is looking after the Sun legacy.

Google, said Muller, is far from open in its search technology.

And Red Hat, he said, is a “hanger on” that will follow IBM anywhere.

Muller’s blog is here, while the New York Times story is here.