One year on and Windows 7 has sold 240 million copies

Tomorrow, the 22nd October, will mark the one year anniversary for Windows 7 and to celebrate this milestone Microsoft has released figures showing that over 240 million licences have been sold.

Microsoft appears to be chuffed with itself for staging a recovery from the abysmal sales and reception it received over Vista. It says Windows 7 is “the fastest selling operating system in history,” which is a monumental feat considering it launched in one of the worst years of the global recession, when companies were reluctant to upgrade due to limited IT budgets.

It is likely that the higher number of PCs in the world and the consumer demand to be rid of Vista  contributed to just how quickly Windows 7 flew off the shelves.

Microsoft is also boasting a substantial market share for Windows 7. It said that 93 percent of new consumer PCs come with Windows 7, according to September figures, while the operating system has amassed 17 percent global market share.

Support for Windows 7 from Microsoft’s partners has also been much stronger. During the first six months of Windows Vista’s launch, only 70 percent of the company’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners were selling products with Vista included. Within the same six month period from the launch of Windows 7, a full 100 percent of the OEM partners were selling Windows 7 PCs.

Microsoft also claims that customer satisfaction has grown considerably, even outpacing Apple at one point earlier this year. That’s a bold statement given how high Apple usually rates on customer satisfaction polls. Of course, it’s not hard to see why people like Windows 7. It is everything that Vista should have been in terms of appearance, speed, and functionality.

To celebrate the big day Microsoft is hosting a competition where users can send in their seven favourite things about the operating system, with a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate up for grabs, if you haven’t already bought it in the past year, that is. 

We do wonder how many copies of Windows 7 have been pirated, though.