One in five parents want motion war games banned

A survey of 1,321 UK parents has revealed that a sizeable minority of them would like combat games on motion control consoles consigned to the trashcan of history. And nearly half are concerned about such games.

The survey, commissioned by MyVoucherCodes said that 22 percent of the parents believed that games played by their children on the Wii or the Kinect taught and encouraged physical violence.

And, of those surveyed, 42 percent of the parents were concerned by such games, while 16 percent didn’t think they did any harm at all. Just under half of the parents said they would never allow their children to play fighting games of any kind. Nevertheless two thirds never even checked the age rating of games.

The chairman of MyVoucherCodes said that gamers had to enact real combat moves and that could be a problem for children. He advised parents to carefully check on age ratings before allowing kids to play any games at all.