One in five bunk off work to play Black Ops

Despite a general uproar whenever it’s suggested games might be addictive, it has to be said that there are not many other forms of entertainment that can easily suck so many hours out of your free time in the pursuit of gold coins or captured princesses.

Not that any fingers can be pointed over this, with various stories emanating from TechEye of nocturnal gaming habits – including spouses who pretend to be asleep only to sneak off for a marathon, post-midnight Call of Duty session.

Another has been guilty of bunking off a portion of school, sibling in tow, getting a good cup run together on Championship Manager easily taking precedence over attendance for afternoon maths.

But it appears that the UK’s male workforce has carried on such habits into their professional lives, with one in five thought to have taken time off work to spend some quality time with their PlayStation, with 11 percent of those surveyed confessing to pulling a sickie rather than deal with th mundane realities of work life.

And when combined with the number of non-attendees in the British Isles due to a predeliction for strong liquor, it is somewhat surprising that a three-day week has not come into effect yet.

The survey, lead by, looked at 1,756 men from the UK. Of those who took to playing hooky, nine percent admitted to doing it at least once a month, a regularity that which means they might as well take up work as a freelance games tester, while 42 percent confessed to doing it just occasionally.

Even more surprisingly the amount of time legitimately taken off to concentrate on a newly released game, with 53 percent saying that a whole week was taken to explore virtual environments from the comfort of their curtain-drawn, pizza box-strewn living room rather than packing their bags for a ‘real’ holiday .

And the game for which most were willing to throw off the shackles of the working day to risk the all encompassing, mind-altering Tetris-effect?  No surprises here, with Call of Duty leading the list of games – giving bosses a reason to watch out for aching thumbs after periods of ‘illness’.