Ocado to review chickens and cheese

Like other online shopping megamarts, Amazon.com has a ‘review’ space for all manner of consumer goods. Want to know if this lawnmower’s any good, or if that hat isn’t as warm as it looks? Take a look at user reviews. Ocado.com, the online UK supermarket, has spotted a gap and will be implementing a similar service for groceries.

All Ocado customers will get a mailout next week inviting Ocado Demand and Ocado Reserve customers to start adding grocery reviews, be it roast chicken, cheese, Dr Pepper, wine or whatever. The service will then go live to all customers in February.

It’s an interesting idea. Much of the online shopping middle class decides on what wine’s best for when from recommendations in Sunday Supplements and the likes. We’re not suggesting said supplements take pay-offs, but a purely user-based review system could swing things for the consumer.

Everything stocked on Ocado’s shelves will be available for review. That includes non-food lines too, such as toys, flowers, magazines and kitchenware. Think these flowers are crap and died too quick? Tell the world!

Social media channels will be incorporated too, including Facebook and Twitter. Instead of simply telling all your fascinated followers what you’ve just had for lunch, you’ll be able to tell them if the Hovis you used was subpar or not too.