Nvidia tablets could use Intel's Meego

­Asked whether Nvidia would consider bunging Intel and Nokia’s new open source Operating System on its tablets and other Tegra powered devices, Neil Trevett, the firm’s vice president of embedded content said it would take the lead from its OEM partners.

“I believe Android offers more advantages,” he toldTechEye, noting that Google’s OS had a fully qualified modem stack and that Google was “very powerful” and a “more neutral third party” than either Intel or Nokia.

“But if customers are demanding Meego, we will provide it, of course,” said Trevett, although he admitted the situation would be a thorny one and less than ideal for Nvidia, which sees itself as a major competitor to Intel in the mobile space.

Android, said Trevett, was the first OS he had ever seen which “stands a chance against Windows,” adding “not that I’m knocking the wonderful chaos that is Windows on a PC.”

Trevett also said that Apple’s iPad had created major “awareness and pent up demand” for tablets, but had “failed to quite get there in terms of multitasking.”

“Apple just missed the mark,” he said, but was quick to add that he thought the second reincarnation of the Jesus tablet would be “much better and fill in the gaps.”