Nvidia spends $2,000,000 on Crysis 2

We’re going to have to put up with Crysis for years and years to come if Nvidia’s spending budget is anything to go by. The original has been used as a benchmark for testing fancy graphics cards and towers – it looks like the sequel, out soon, will be more of the same.

Nvidia is spending a full $2 million bucks on the marketing machine and including a built in benchmark before the upcoming Crysis 2 launch. It’ll have full control over it which means it’ll enjoy the brand recognition of being associated with a beautiful looking but essentially bargain bin game.

KitGuru wonders why rival AMD didn’t bung more money on the table as it reckons the association of a built in benchmark which shows of the dominance of DX11 is something worth having. But the clear winner, says KitGuru, is EA which pockets the whole $2 million bung for the licence.

What Nvidia will get for its buck is marketing rights – think spreads on banners with the Nvidia logo saying how much Crysis 2 shows off its latest lines of cards. It could be a good move or it could be a total flop – time will tell as it rolls closer to release date.  

The original Crysis received rave reviews but we thought it was kind of boring. It’s about a bloke in a magic suit.