Nvidia signs up to Linux Foundation

Graphics chip maker Nvidia has joined the Linux Foundation in what is being seen as a it throwing its weight behind the Linux desktop.

The Linux Foundation is the nonprofit organisation which supports the Open Sauce operating system.

It announced that Nvidia was one of four others who joined the foundation this week. They are Fluendo, Lineo Solutions, Mocana, and Nvidia. What this means is that Nvidia is finally officially supporting Linux.

Nvidia had been the odd one out from the other graphics makers. AMD and Intel are all dedicated followers of the penguin. This is a long way from the days when Nvidia did not really like Linux.

It has shipped Linux graphic drivers and has kept its Linux drivers up-to-date, but the drivers for their graphic processors have always used proprietary binary blobs which are like an open sore to the open Saucers who will not touch them.

This means that free-software users couldn’t use the drivers and open-source developers couldn’t work on them.It is not clear if Nvidia’s move to wear its penguin badge with pride will change this state of affairs.

Nvidia’s VP of Linux Platform software said in a statement that the company is strongly committed to enabling world-class experiences and innovation with its GPU and mobile products.

He claimed that membership in The Linux Foundation will accelerate Nvidia’s collaboration with the organisations and individuals instrumental in shaping the future of Linux,.

It might be that the outfit has seen the error of its ways.