Nvidia deems ATI drivers "Awwwwwkward!"

Nvidia’s Friday “nTeresting” newsletter always does its best to stir things up and this morning was no exception.

ATI Drivers…Awwwwwkward!” was the snarky sub title given to Brian Burke’s latest batch of jibes.  

“There has been an unusual amount of activity in the forums from Radeon users complaining about stability issues with HD 5000 series graphics cards,” he alleges.

“Most of the complaints appear to be focused on the HD 5870, HD 5850 and HD 5770.  Problems include grey screens, crashes, coloured stripes on screens and system hang-ups.”

Why Nvidia feels the urge to re-hash old forum comments when it probably should be doing something a bit more productive with its time – like getting Fermi and DX11 support out to the mases – is a bit beyond us, especially as the particular issues mentioned by Burke are weeks old and are being fixed as we type.

“The fix is out for the Gray Screen issue,” AMD spinner Chris Hook told TechEye, adding that “very few users were affected in reality, and the noise in the forums didn’t mesh with the amount of end user feedback our AIBs were receiving.” 

Still, it all makes for nteresting Nvidia fanboy reading, we presume.

Another topic in nTeresting which Mr. Burke seems to return to with incredible frequency? The purported shoddiness of Catalyst drivers.

Burke claims his firm works hard to avoid driver issues “with a robust developer relations programme we call ‘The Way It’s Meant To Be Played’.” 

AMD, he reckons, “hates it and tries to mis-position it in “Fuddy” interviews by calling it a marketing program where we pay to have a logo in a game.” But apparently that’s not true.

At least, not according to the Friday gospel of Burke. nTeresting…