Norton update caused Internet Explorer crash

An update to Norton software between 10PM and midnight yesterday caused Internet Explorer 8 running on Windows 7 to crash and burn.

According to reliable sources, the browser looped the loop as it tried in vain to recover from the SNAFU.  Symantec fixed the bug about three hours later.

A source said the problem happened when all three bits of software copulated together.

We have asked Symantec to comment on the error and it has said it will get back to us. When it does, we’ll add its comments. Wonder what that pink-shirted tie wearing Peter Norton is doing these days. He sold his business to Symantec in the early 1990s.

* Update: “Symantec rolled out Intrusion Prevention Signature definitions on the evening of 1st March. It was immediately reported that this patch was causing an issue with Windows 7 users who try to launch Internet Explorer 8. Specifically after receiving the patch, users who tried to launch the IE8 browser experienced a crash. Immediately upon being reported, Symantec rolled back the patch and now when any affected customer runs LiveUpdate, the issue will be remedied.”