North Korea pirates Open Sauce

The dear leader of the glorious people’s republic of North Korea has worked out a way to over throw the evil capitalist pig-dogs of the West by pirating.

Kim Jong-Il has hit on the wizard wheeze of not pirating Microsoft  as everyone does that and the North Koreans are a people of originality.  After all they unanimously voted for him and his father, sort of.

Instead dear leader has decided that it is better to send the weirdy beardies of California a lesson and create a communist operating system which appears to have been nicked entirely from the open-source outfit Red Hat.

But dear leader’s cunning plan was much cleverer than that.  He nicked a few good ideas from Microsoft, in regards to the look and feel and it was all done.

Unfortunately he seems to have taken his time on the project because the look and feel of the Red Star operating system is about ten years out of date.

Undeterred, the glorious people’s republic celebrated by killing the fattened soya bean and toasting Dear Leader’s programming prowess. “After all, in the west everything is retro and looks back to the 1980s, in North Korea we are officially fashionable,” said one worker who asked not to be named in case dear leader had him arrested for smiling at a westerner and loved him to death.