Nook gets Android-based games

Barnes & Noble announced a software update for its Nook e-reader, complete with new features such as a Web browser and games.

Among the new features are a beta version of “Read In Store,” which allows Nook users to browse the retailer’s library of e-books for free at any Barnes & Noble location, with the entirety of each book accessible for an hour per day.

Barnes & Noble has also added the beta version of a basic Web browser, and a selection of Android-based games including Sudoku and chess.

In a press release Barnes and Nobel said Nook has got additional reading and device performance enhancements including improved page turn speed, faster access to previously opened e-books and  enhanced colour touch-screen navigation.

When the Nook first appeared reviewers said that the page-turn speed was a little arthritic.   This was identified as something that would stop the book reader competing with the Kindle from sworn enemies Amazon.

There was a little price war between the Nook and Kindle which resulted in them both dropping to around $259.