No upgrade needed for Windows 8

Software giant Microsoft has made the same pledge that it seems to have made for nearly every upgrade since Windows 95, you apparently will not need new hardware to run Windows 8 if you are already running Windows 7.

Apparently the PC system requirements will be the same if not less than what’s needed to run Windows 7, Vole has been telling the world+dog.

Current PC owners won’t need to upgrade and Windows 8 will run legacy Windows 7 software.

Word on the street is that Vole has learned the lessons of Windows Vista, which was had compatibility issues with existing systems when it was released. Although it seems that analysts have short memories.

We can remember the same upgrade problems on Windows 95, 2000, and XP. Each time Microsoft has said that the hardware capabilities, particularly RAM are lower than what will comfortably run the OS.

But did not make much of a reassurance with Vista and as a result many neverupgraded. Microsoft is hoping to avoid that problem by claiming that the new software will run safely on older gear.

The software will not be in the shops until 2012, which is just about the time that the world will end. It is only then that we will find that the laptops running Windows 7 on 1Gb of RAM badly will go completely tits up.

There is a possibility that Vole is telling us the truth. Windows 8 does seem to be heavily influenced by the need to accommodate tablets. Tablets have a much lower spec than desktops so it is possible that by designing a single OS that can run on both PCs and tablets and their respective Intel-x86 and ARM chip architectures, Microsoft has created something that needs less hardware.