Nintendo wants to focus online efforts

Nintendo has admitted it’s not impressed with its online gaming presence and will begin looking more into how it can integrate this within its games.

Writing on the Nintendo Japan website, CEO Satoru Iwata, said: “Of course, I have heard commentary that people feel that Nintendo’s online functionality is behind the others or is lacking in some ways. And I can say that we are not currently satisfied with the online efforts that we have made so far.

“We are working at ways to improve those.”

However, he pointed out that the company’s ethos is to create an “offline experience that feels incredibly unique and compelling,” which was a “particular strength” the company had.  

“Going forward, what we will continue to do is to evaluate the individual products and experience that we’re creating on a product-by-product basis, and make a decision as to whether or not it’s more important to devote resources to making that offline experience more fun and compelling for products where that is going to be the most important element of the game play,” he added.

“And then for products where it is going to be more important, to add online functionality and make that online functionality robust and compelling.”

However, many believe that what makes Nintendo stand out from the likes of the PS3 and XBox are the family friendly games that don’t need online capabilities to work.  

We spoke to a few gamers to see what they thought of this. gamer Mark Bates told us: “Nintendo consoles such as the Wii don’t have many games where you need to be online to play and that’s the beauty of it. It stands out from the other two consoles because it’s got a social aspect already. Making more online games could take away Nintendo’s uniqueness and complicate things. Can you imagine playing Mario Kart with four members of your family and then adding players online too? It would be mayhem.”

Another gamer, Harry Howard, agreed: “What makes Nintendo unique is that it’s an entertainment console. Making it more online would just put it into the same category as the XBox and the PS3. If it begins to develop more games for online it could lose its style.”