Newegg thinks Linux breaks your machine

A person who suffered from a glitchy Thinkpad display was not allowed to return the machine to Newegg because she had installed Linux on it.

According to Consumerist magazine, a woman called Norma installed Linux Mint onto her Thinkpad E525. However, the display turned out to have a few problems so she brought the machine back.

Newegg refused to fix or take the machine back because she had installed Linux Mint on it.

She told Consumerist that the system appeared to work properly and had no problems with the Linux Mint 13 install placed on it for two days.

But on the third day there was a loud coil squeal which got louder when it was running on battery power. Within hours, the wireless chipset failed and refused to connect, and the display began glitching with horizontal lines appearing through it.

She tested it with a Windows live USB thumb drive, just to ensure there was no problem with the OS, before returning it.

The Consumerist said that a support agent, as well as a manager, couldn’t comprehend the difference between an obvious hardware failure that could be found running the BIOS provided diagnostics, and the Linux installation.

Norma was surprised because she always buys gear from Newegg.

The Consumerist could not find anything that said that you couldn’t return a machine because the user had installed Linux.

Newegg has since backed down and given Norma a refund.