New Skies software bungle brings down Ryanair all day

As James Cameron predicted with his magnum opus Terminator 2, it’s only a matter of time before The Rise Of The Machines. Well, not quite – if the machines tried to start a war they’d probably all shoot each other in the foot and 3 1/2 inch floppies before walking off a cliff, as cock-ups like this prove. 

Ryanair’s systems have been down completely from 10:45 AM, GMT and are still utterly tiggered. It’s Navitaire’s New Skies reservation and distribution sales system which has apparently fallen by the wayside.

Ryanair warns on its website that anyone travelling today should at the very least get in two hours early to sort out the arduous task of check-ins. We imagine there are all sorts of upset punters on their way to Ayia Napa who are a fly-on-the-wall Stanstead documentary maker’s wet dream.

Those who already managed to check in online today should be unaffected. Passengers travelling tomorrow, Ryanair promises, will not be affected. But who knows with this sort of thing. It has promised that it hopes to have the booking and check-in platform operating normally “within hours”.

At time of publishing it’s GMT 17:06HRS 20th SEPT. Which isn’t GMT 15:30HRS 20TH SEPT and certainly isn’t GMT 13:30HRS 20TH SEPT.