New scientific 3D data graphics program released

Golden Software, which has been offering advanced graphics and mapping software since 1983, has just released Voxler 2, an affordable software package that allows users to create highly-detailed 3D graphics for scientific purposes.

Voxler 2 offers several new features over its older versions, including the ability to import a wider range of file types, including georeferenced images, capture video animation of your 3D model, automate repetitive tasks, and undo and redo changes, essential for working with graphics.

It also has an updated UI that is more user-friendly, is compatible with other data software, and automatically updates to the latest version.

For those worried about the software hogging all your memory a 64-bit version is also available.

The software is aimed at geoscientists, environmental professionals, meteorologists, oceanologists, biologists, physicists and other people involved in science, but it’s equally as useful for anyone interested in creating professional 3D data.

It’s  available now from the Golden Software website for $359 standard or $119 if you’re upgrading from a previous package.