New Duke Nukem to be released on the Xbox

The celebrated vapourware Duke Nukem Forever  may not ever see the light of day but it appears that an earlier version is about to get a dusting off.

The 2002 classic Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project could be coming soon to the Xbox Live Arcade.

The Korean Game Rating Board listed the game last month which means that it has crossed its desk waiting for approval.

Like many Duke Nukem stories this one goes back a few years. In November 2009, an update was discovered on Rebecca Heineman’s LinkedIn profile which suggested that she had been working on the re-release.

Manhattan Project was not exactly the best Duke Nukem there ever was. At the time Gamespot called it ‘frustrating’.

However it is possible that with some new graphics and other things it could be turned into a retro classic, especially after the death of its long awaited, never quite made it successor.

There has been no release date set.