Murdoch's Sky mob takes moral high ground on hacking

An unscrupulous laptop engineer has been charged and thrown into the clink for almost a year after Sky News baited him into hacking the heck out of a Sky reporter’s machine and attempted to steal private data including bank account details. 

The guys name is Grzegorz Zachodni, working at a store called Laptop Revival. He pleaded guilty to fraud after he was rumbled for trying to get into a Sky reporter’s bank account. According to IT Pro, the reporter was looking into quality of service at laptop repair shops.

But the kit was loaded with hidden self installed spyware to make sure the reporter could see exactly what was going on in the repair effort, as well as using software to remotely take pictures through the laptop’s webcam.

Sky discovered that the bloke was only on the computer for twenty minutes before he called up to say it had been “fixed”. In that time he had saved passwords and login details, as well as copying two private bikini snaps.

Sky News is run by BskyB, partially owned by Aussie media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News International. One of The Dirty Digger’s more popular tabloid titles, the regular Sunday paper The News of the World, was exposed last year for illegally hacking into the accounts of celebrities and stealing private data such as personal pictures. 

In fact, one of The Digger’s henchman, royal editor and correspondent Clive Goodman, was chucked in jail back in January for hacking into phones of palace officials. The Guardian at the time claimed that the practice of snooping and data mining was pretty standard fare. 

There is a list of News International’s alleged victims available on Wikipedia, here.