Munich saves a fortune switching to Linux

The poster child for the government adoption of Linux, the City of Munich, is reporting that it has saved more than a third of its IT budget in making the move.

According to Golem magazine, which we get for the advanced pottery projects, the city experienced the minimum disruption in shifting to things more open saucy.

The city said that it saved 4 million euro in licensing costs.

In calculating the costs saved, Munich’s mayor Christian Ude took into account the fact he did not have to pay 15,000 Microsoft Office licences and 7,500 Microsoft Windows licences. He also factored in the fact that he did not need to buy 7,500 new computers to meet the system requirements of current versions of Windows. Linux runs happily on ancient machines.

Also in the bill were  training costs and costs of migration. If he had approved an upgrade to Windows it would have cost €15.52 million and the renewal of licences every three to four years would again be more than €2.8 million euro.

He did not factor in a cunning plan to increase the budget to €2.08 million euro, which is intended to optimise the requirements and test management.