MS Office 2010 adds browser and phone features

Microsoft Office 2010 is to take advantage of the rising popularity of tablets and smartphones by offering new browser and smartphone features.

The package, which goes on sale to businesses May 12, is traditionally devoid of web-based integration, but this latest version promises to be different.

There will be browser-based versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, all of which will allow the user to embed these document types on websites or blogs using a new “embed” tag. If that was not enough, however, updating the original document on the SharePoint or SkyDrive system will automatically update the embedded file, meaning the information users wish to display will always be up to date.

This browser-based approach seems to be a direct response to the rise in popularity of Google Docs, which allows users to do all their document work online, making sharing with bussiness colleagues much simpler.

On the mobile version of Office 2010 the OneNote notepad application will allow users to take photos alongside typing away while on the move. This is a feature unique to the mobile version, showing that Microsoft are not just delivering a carbon copy of the desktop client.

Office 2010 will also pack in extra features for the client version, such as allowing users to edit rich video in PowerPoint, adding sidebar enhancements to Word, and upgrading the PivotChart and PivotTable elements of Excel.

Microsoft is also promising that the new package will work seamlessly between client, browser, and phone versions, suggesting that a single license may apply to all three.