Most Linux coders are paid

Apparently the image of Open Sauce software being written by overweight, bearded former hippies out of the goodness of their hearts is a myth.

During a presentation at 2010 in Wellington, founder and kernel contributor Jonathan Corbet said that most Linux kernel code is written by paid developers working for the Man.

The Linux penguinCorbet pointed out that if you look at the code contributed to the Linux kernel between December 24 2008 and January 10 2010 only 18 percent of contributions to the kernel were from volunteers. While seven percent was not classified, nearly seven percent of Linux was written by people paid to do it.

Red Hat wrote the most with 12 percent, followed by Intel with eight percent, IBM and Novell with six percent each, and Oracle with thee percent. Normally this lot would be at each others throats, Corbet noted.  However, in an Open Sauce project they get on like a house on fire.