Moderate Parents up in arms about School Shooter: North American Tour 2012

A computer game School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 seems to have attracted the attention of some of the more moderate US parent groups.

We can’t understand why. School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 allows kids to re-create Virginia Tech and Columbine High shootings from the security of their own basement.

The player is a disgruntled student armed with weapons used in the killings with the goal of shooting as many innocent unarmed people as their ammunition allows.

In a statement advocates at the Women’s Help Center in Cambria County said they are worried about “the message” the game sends to children.

Cathy Ritter, of the Women’s Help Center said that this type of a game sends a bad message to kids about tolerating violence and that this is OK when really it is not.

Ritter’s comments have to be the most mild we have seen in the “angry parent” stakes. Normally such games are flagged by parent’s groups as “murder training” so we have to admire her restraint.

A local telly company also found other concerned parents who were suprisingly moderate in their tone.

Derrick Knipple, a concerned parent told WJAC TV that he was surprised that a game like this could be released.

“I’m not knocking video games but some of the content really should be disregarded,” he said.

The game was posted on one website but was taken down because of criticism.

Developers at Checkboarded Studios say they are working on posting it on another site as a free download.