MoD contracts company to kill multi-vendor nightmare

Britain’s Ministry of Defence has given the green light to a company called PB Partnership to work on proof-of-concept software which promises to cut down on multi-vendor products on the battlefield.

PB Partnership touts itself as a company that specialises in developing software specifically for the battlefield and “other challenging environments”. Now, the MoD thinks that PB’s 2iC software can co-ordinate military tech from current suppliers.

PB claims that the 2iC software helps military gear work together “seamlessly” in difficult environments. The company says that there’s no software on the market right now which will let technology for war operate together – so that cameras, sensors and computer systems can operate side-by-side without a hitch and effectively as one piece of equipment.

PB says that is why 2iC is vitally important. Rather than struggling with kit that doesn’t talk to each other, 2iC, PB claims, unifies everything and frees up the time of soldiers.

Good news for critics of the spendthrift MoD, then, if PB is to be believed – because you can cut out the chaff involved in forcing systems into working together. 

The company believes its software will be able to understand the language of multiple vendors and that it doesn’t require a deep understanding of each to do so, whether it’s proprietary or open. 

PB’s project is backed by Selex Galileo’s Battlespace Solutions Business Group and Ultra Electronics, Command & Control Systems, which sound very scary.

According to a statement, the proof of concept demo should surface in March 2012. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.