Microsoft's Office continues to churn money

Software colossus Microsoft can never rest on its laurels, if it has laurels to rest on that is, but it continues to generate vast profits because it was very clever in the 1990s.

Here are the facts and figures for Microsoft’s fourth financial quarter. It generated revenues of $69.94 billions and made a net profit of $23.15 billions. Revenues were up by 12 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Net profit was up by a rather healthy 23 percent.

Microsoft Office is bearing up under the Google strain – it has sold 100 million licences for Office 2010. Enterprises are snapping it up, which is good news for Microsoft and proves they’re well tied in to legacy systems. Enterprises also think Microsoft Windows 7 isn’t bad.

Its server products also did pretty well – sales grew by 12 percent and SQL Server is still selling like hot cakes.

Microsoft even said that its Bing search engine was doing pretty well, while its entertainment division grew 30 percent in the fourth quarter.. Microsoft predicts that it will do pretty well in its new financial year.

Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO, said that it is doing well in the “cloud” too. “Our move to cloud services continues with the release and momentum of Office 365 and growth in Windows Azure,” Turner said.