Microsoft wants Windows to be "just another app"

A top Vole has said that the next version of the Windows Operating system will allow users to treat the desktop as just another app which loads only on command.

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live division has been providing the world+dog with more detail on Windows 8’s user interface (UI).

He said that Windows 8 would feature a “touch-first” interface to help it compete in the fast-growing tablet market.

But below that would be a traditional Windows-style desktop which could be activated when users wanted it.

Writing in his bog, Sinofsky called the design work a “balancing act.”

There would be a “Metro”-style UI, which has been inspired by Windows Phone 7’s tile-based design and this will show up when a user boots a device.

A user can stay with that interface and never see the desktop and it will not be loaded.

He wrote that if you don’t want to do ‘PC’ things, then you don’t have to. It will not cost you in terms of memory, battery life or hardware requirements.

PC users, where keyboard and mouse are the primary input devices, will run an “app” to load the desktop.

We can see some positive and negative sides to this. If you log on just to check your email, or surf the net, or even write a quick letter, this would be handy. However if you automatically use the desktop, this will be one extra hurdle in your boot up which you will have to leap over before you can go.

In other words the move to make life easy for tablet users will make it harder for traditional multi-tasking PC users.