Microsoft upsets open sourcers again

Software giant Microsoft has been getting approval for its support of Open Sauce projects lately, but it seems that it might have angered with its Visual Studio 11.

It looks like by focusing exclusively on Metro, the free, Express version of this software will no longer offer support for desktop-style applications.

Windows 8 is starting to look more proprietary as its launch gets closer.

Visual Studio 11 is the free, Express version of the software which is widely used by many developers to create open source desktop applications for Windows.

Now it seems that Visual Studio 11 Express will only be able to develop Metro applications.

To create desktop apps, you need to use Visual Studio 11 Professional, or higher, which will set you back $500.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 Express products will still be free download, but will lack a number of key features coming to Visual Studio 11, including improved standards compliance.
As PC Advisor points out while Microsoft clearly wants to push developers towards Metro, apps the move is more likely to be a punch on the nose against open source software.