Microsoft turns bosses into the NSA

Software giant Microsoft has invented tools which can turn control-freak bosses into the NSA.

For a while now there has been a hole in the market for autocratic bosses who love to spy on their employees. After all they have looked at the US government looked at how they can check everything that their citizens do and said “I want some of that”.

Now the friendly software maker Microsoft is allowing such bosses to set up a NSA spy network in their own companies.

Microsoft’s Lync communications platform gathers enough readily analysable data to let corporations spy on their employees just as well as the NSA.

At Microsoft’s Lync 2014 conference, software developer Event Zero CEO David Tucker said that it is a doddle to figure out who is dating whom within the company and pinpoint people looking for another job.

Microsoft says these call detail records have been stored by traditional PBXs for legitimate reasons such as accounting for cross-charging, to help with trouble-shooting or even to track contact-centre agent productivity.

Barry Castle, senior product marketing manager Lync and Skype told Network World  that from a reporting perspective, Lync does this no differently than any other enterprise communications system.

However using Windows PowerShell, SQL Database information gathered by Lync for monitoring purposes and custom PowerShell queries to sort the information is really a doddle.

PowerShell queries can also be easily written that parse the same information to figure out personal details about employees. It is possible to work out which employees spend a lot of time on the phone with each other for example. You can also flag an event where they call a headhunter, perhaps trying to find another company that has a boss that does not spy on his or her staff.