Microsoft to kill RT

Windows has put its ARM based Windows RT on death row in favour of Windows Phone and Windows 8

Senior executive Julie Larson-Green, who is executive vice-president of Devices and Studios at Microsoft, said that the aim of Windows RT was to have a crack at creating a closed, turnkey experience similar to what Apple does on the iPad.

According to the Guardian she said it was silly for Vole to have three operating systems. It has regular Windows and Mobile Windows and only having two makes sense.

Word on the street has Windows RT has been pants. OEMs, PC makers and developers have spurned it as they would spurn a rabid dog.

Volish loyalist Dell was the last besides Microsoft to leave the RT space, dropping its XPS 10 in September.

Now only Microsoft and Nokia’s handset division seriously use it. Microsoft had to write down $900 million at the end of the June quarter on unsold Surface RT devices.

This means that it is unlikely that there will be a Surface 3 and no successor to the Nokia 2520 which is an eight inch tablet running Windows RT.

Larson-Green said that Microsoft did not differentiate the devices well enough. They looked similar. Using them is similar. It just did not do everything that you expected Windows to do.