Microsoft to kill off Windows Live

Software King of the World Microsoft has had enough of its Windows Live brand and will be taking it for a walk in a forest near Berlin where it will be offed by an agent whose name is Boris.

The reason for the execution will be because of the arrival of Windows 8.

Writing in the Microsoft Developer Network bog, Vole announced the impending discontinuation of Windows Live in preparation for the release of a more well-connected suite of online consumer services, and will rename the service to “Microsoft account”.

Microsoft said that its Windows services, which include Hotmail webmail, SkyDrive storage and Messenger IM, are not as tightly connected as it expected when Windows Live launched in 2005.

The blog post said that this was caused by previous Windows desktop operating systems that were not fully integrated with cloud-based services. Microsoft now wants Windows 8 to be “closely meshed” in the cloud as it works across desktop and laptop PCs, including mobile devices.

Channelling John Lennon, the post said that Windows 8 provides Microsoft with an opportunity to “reimagine” Microsoft’s approach. So reimagine there is no heaven, it is easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only clouds.

Apparently all this will mean that services and software are a seamless part of the Windows experience, or at least an experience where you can’t see the stitches.

Microsoft said its services will continue using domains, but their names will no longer have Windows Live branding.