Microsoft to act to save XP

Software giant Microsoft is considering a plan to automatically switch on Windows Defender for those customers who insist on not running any system protection on old XP machines.

According to Microsoft’s own site, the Volish goal has been focused on getting as many of its customers off of the older Windows XP operating system onto something more modern and protected—Windows 8.1, if at all possible.

But Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP in April 2014, which means that if anyone continues to run the OS any holes will exist, unpatched, forever.

The idea is that as a customer goes into an unprotected state, Microsoft wants antivirus vendors to be installed as the first upgrade source. If the licence has expired, the first thing Microsoft asks them to do is to go upgrade.  If they have not got any AV products then Microsoft will automatically install its Defender product.

Vole said it will not nag, but at the same time to tell people that they’re not protected, and move them back into a protected state without them really knowing.

Windows XP makes up 22 percent of the worldwide user base, and in developing countries it can be under the bonnet of a third of machines.  It is possible that there could be a lot of machines which are suddenly protected by Windows Defender.