Microsoft stops talking about Windows Embedded Handheld 7

Just a year ago, Microsoft was regaling us with tales of its cunning plans for Windows Embedded Mobile Operating systems.

At the centre of it all was Windows Embedded Handheld 7 which was an enterprise-targeted update to its ruggedised-device operating system which was supposed to show up in the middle of this year.

Microsoft wanted to shift to the Windows Embedded Compact 7 core, and add support for the same development tools that Windows Phone 7 support such as Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight and the XNA platform. Not only would it support a stylus for input, Embedded 7 would have multi-touch, Vole told us.

Now Zdnet has noticed that the Handheld 7 has mysteriously dropped off the roadmap. In fact there is no mention of what Vole is planning at the end of the first half of 2011.

There is no real reason for this as Microsoft was pretty clear about what it was doing, at least a year ago.

Vole appears to have purged all references to Windows Embedded Handheld 7 references from its Embedded site.

What might have happened is that Windows Embedded Compact 7 was delayed by a number of months, and was not made generally available until early March, 2011. Since everything has been pushed back, the Vole is refusing to share the release date.

Microsoft will only confirm its commitment to the release and support of Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 running through December 2014 and extended support runs through December 2019.

However it suddenly is not talking of any new information concerning its roadmap for the Windows Embedded Handheld platform.

It seems that mobile in any form is proving a real albatross for Microsoft.