Microsoft slags off Open Sauce

While software giant Microsoft has been trying to tell the world plus dog that it really loves Open Sauce, there are signs that some company executives did not get the memo.

Hernan Rincon, president of Microsoft Latin America, has been hitting the press claiming that “open” really is a way of saying “incompetent”:

He claimed when software companies cannot compete they are declaring their product to be “open”. This apparently “masks incompetence”.

“When convenient, the companies say they are open and they they use it for your own benefit, ” he added in our Babelfish translator.

Rincon is fighting against the Brazilian government’s support for open source software.

Along with the usual comments that a government that does not buy closed source products is somehow working to undermine private enterprise, and the usual reds under the beds arguments.

He added that it was no business of governments to be software developers and “any innovation comes from the private sector. “

Rincon made the usual comments that open sauce is more expensive to run.

Still it is amusing that Rincon has not heard that Microsoft is supposed to be a little more pro-open sauce these days. Perhaps Redmond has shipped all its bile to South America where it is being used to drown Brazilian penguins.