Microsoft shows off early versions of IE10

With IE9 barely out, Microsoft is wasting no time showing off its next version of the browser, Internet Exploder 10.

The first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 was shown off by Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Internet Explorer, at the Mix developer conference in Las Vegas.

If you want a look you can download a copy at the IE Test Drive site. Apparently Vole wants to update the IE10 preview every eight to 12 weeks.

So far Redmond has not set a final release date for IE10, but it seems likely that we will see it when Windows 8 appears next year.

Looking under the bonnet of IE 10, it would appear that Vole is doing some more work on hardware-accelerated graphics. We first saw these on Firefox but they found their way into IE9.

IE10 develops HTML5 and CSS3 support which was also started in IE9. Gradients and Flexible Box Layout are both part of IE10 which is something that has been on developer wish lists.

The beast is still a preview and not really stable enough for serious work. However it does look like those who thought Vole would give up on IE after IE9 were wrong.