Microsoft says sorry for dancing girls

Software giant Microsoft has had to apologise to Norwegian developers who were shocked at a presentation that featured dancing girls and obscene song lyrics.

A video of the routine,  which was given to the Norwegian Developers Conference in Oslo to promote new advances in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, went viral.

The Vole decided that before you get into technical details about Azure it is best to warm the crowd up with a few dancers and house music.

But the song’s lyrics, which were flashed up on the screen were so bad, that it made Coldplay look Shakespearean by comparison.

Who could forget the classic line: “The words MICRO and SOFT don’t apply to my penis”?

According to the Herald Sun  developers were not amused, and naturally turned to Twitter.

“For those not here, we had flashing disco lights, bad lyrics about penis, disco beats and dancing azure girls, so cringeworthy,” one programmer tweeted.

“This music thing is probably the most embarrassing I’ve ever seen and heard,” said another. Clearly they have never seen an Apple Store team chant.

The YouTube posting of the conference had a Volish statement underneath saying that the Norwegian Developer’s Conference included a skit that involved “inappropriate and offensive elements and vulgar language”.

Top Microsoft spinners are actively looking into the whole issue of semi-naked dancing girls and foul language. The whole incident must have reminded them of one of their sales briefings.