Microsoft reshuffle leaves Leblond, DeVaan out in the cold

Microsoft has delivered a slap about the face with a haddock to its longtime Windows executives Jon DeVaan and Antoine Leblond.

According to Bloomberg’s deep throats in the Redmond Volehill, DeVaan and Leblond have been left without a senior role after a Windows reshuffle.

Terry Myerson, who runs Windows and Windows Phone, is reassigning executives in the newly joined software unit as part of Microsoft’s restructuring.

It looks like Henry Sanders, a Windows Phone executive, will lead development, while Joe Belfiore, also from Windows Phone, will run a phone, tablet and PC group.

But this leaves Leblond, who had been in charge of lining up applications for Windows 8, without much of a job left.

It looks like he is being made the scapegoat for the fact that Windows 8 was not packed with some popular apps when it went on sale in October. He had been working on the Windows 8.1 update to the software.

DeVaan, a 29-year Microsoft veteran, was a vice president in Windows development. It is not clear if the pair will be given new jobs or quit completely.

It is possible that they will both get “special projects” manager status and assigned temporary offices in the lift until they leave.