Microsoft renames Natal to kinect (sic) the dots

Software giant Microsoft has renamed the Wii-type controller which will turn punters into creatures moving in bizzare ways in front of their tellies.

Until now the controller was called Project Natal, but now it is going to be called Kinect. Redmond seems to be little obsessed with the name “Kin” lately slapping it on its mobile phone range too.

In fact many wonder if Redmond is planning some form of connectivity service with it, although there is no proof that this will happen.

Aaron Greenberg, director of product management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, is quoted in the US as saying that he is holding a press conference later today where he will tell everyone a few more details.

The release is expected in October and the price is unknown at the moment.

Word on the street is that the add-on will be bundled with a new slimline model of the Xbox 360.

Greenberg promised Kinect will still “see you, hear you, and recognise you,” in other words it will use facial and voice recognition technology.

Greenberg promised there would be a large emphasis on “core games” for Kinect.