Microsoft releases Instaload technology

Hardware company Microsoft is releasing some free technology which will allow you to insert a battery into an electronic device any way you like.

InstaLoad technology will be licensed on a royalty-free basis, Microsoft and it was worked out between Redmond and Duracell.

It is expected to be under the bonnet of ClearSound’s hearing aids, NovaTac’s LED flashlights, and Black Diamond’s headlamps for mountaineering.

An InstaLoad-compliant device allows the user to replace the battery in any direction, without the need to line up the “+” or positive terminals in a given direction.

Several batteries can also be inserted in any direction.

It works by having a terminal that contains both a positive and negative terminal, and works with CR123, AA, AAA, C or D batteries, either the disposable versions or rechargeables.

 Microsoft has filed for a patent on the invention, and touted InstaLoad as a technology that could be convenient. After all many is the time that you have to stick a battery into a torch in the dark.