Microsoft ranks India over Silicon Valley

Even though Indian CIOs are largely sceptical about the “revolutionising” cloud computing, Microsoft boss, Steve Ballmer has taken an attempt to silence the critics of cloud computing in India.

The Microsoft CEO has ranked India’s prospects over Silicon valley’s in terms of growth in cloud computing. Ballmer firmly believes India would become the global hub for cloud computing which might take the world by storm.

Ballmer foresees India driving maximum deals as more and more companies will look to India to support their transition to cloud computing.

Ballmer said, “India will not only see a surge in cloud computing services but companies all over the world will look to India to support their transition to cloud computing.”

At a press meet here in India, Ballmer asserted saying that world’s largest software maker see a surge of business with its cloud services. This is a known fact that Microsoft is yet to match up to the success its competitors achieved in cloud computing. Companies like Amazon and Google tapped the market at the first go and quite successfully convinced enterprises to give up building and managing data centres and switch to their computer capacity.

At the press meet, Ballmer further underlined the importance of MS cloud services platform Azure, enabling users to use applications from email to payroll systems hosted online.

Microsoft claims to have 600 customers for its cloud services though it never breaks down the numbers geographically. So, how would we know what’s the number in India that inspires Mr. Ballmer to rank India over Silicon Valley?

Are you guys listening? I mean you, CIOs!. Mr. Ballmer is trying to prove you guys wrong!