Microsoft puts its Orifice into the cloud

Software giant Microsoft officially unveiled Office 365 in an attempt to keep up with its would-be nemesis, Google. In order to keep up with Google, Microsoft is taking a calculated risk because its Office software commands high revenues and profits. Cloud 365 could put that profitability at risk if enough people decide to give it a go.

At a press conference held in New York, CEO Steve Ballmer said Cloud 365 – as we call it – offered an up to date cloud service, for a monthly subscription. Cloud 365 lets people work simultaneously on, for example, Microsoft Word and Excel.

Cloud 365 has been in beta for a year.

Microsoft has signed up over 20 service providers including Vodafone and NTT, and said that Cloud 365 will be available in 40 markets. It’s also tied in a large number of resellers and independent software vendors.

In the USA, subscriptions range between $2 and $27, depending on the plan. Microsoft is offering a free trial for 30 days. Presumably Cloud 365 works in leap years, when it miraculously turns into Cloud 366.