Microsoft provides proof that Direct X12 exists

For a while now, Volewatchers have been wondering if Microsoft was ever going to put together a new version of the DirectX API.

Those who believed in the 12th coming of Direct X had been focusing on the upcoming Games Developer Conference (GDC).

Now it seems that their faith has been rewarded and Vole has confirmed that its discussion forums at the show will include a full launch into the DirectX 12 brand and concept.

Microsoft has managed to keep its DirectX 12 plans secret for so long that many people did not believe it existed. In fact, last year an AMD executive claimed that future versions of the API were essentially dead. After all, it has been four years since DX11 debuted and in IT terms that is like waiting for Godot, Duke Nukem, or the second coming of Jesus.

After all these years developers want something sexy from DX12, which will likely appear with Windows 9 in 2015. It has to be really, Microsoft could use the API as a means to get people using Windows 7 to upgrade before it becomes the new XP.

Microsoft has hinted that like AMD’s Mantle, it will focus on giving developers “close-to-metal” access and reducing CPU overhead. It should have better control over performance tuning, and handle multi-threading and multi-GPU scaling.

Where it is expected to be different from AMD is that it should be able to support GPUs from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia.