Microsoft prophet gets two years jail

Microsoft prophet and soothsayer Randal Ray Seal has been jailed for two years after he was caught nicking more than a million dollars from the Vole.

Seal was supposed to look at the accounts at Vole and predict how things would go. According to AP, Seal, 54, of Shoreline, discovered a few features in the Microsoft’s system for paying vendors and diverted the cash to himself.

According to court records, Microsoft discovered the missing funds in 2009 after Seal had left the Volehill.

Seal has repaid $515,375 to Microsoft and was told by US District Court Judge James Robart to come up with another $550,380, presumably by looking down the back of his sofa.

The Judge told Seal that accountants need to learn that this kind of money laundering and fraud is not going to be permitted and the accountants of the world can end up going to jail because of it.

We are not quite sure that is right. In the US, banks who stuffed up the world in the mortgages fiasco were actually rewarded with huge piles of tax holder cash, so perhaps Seal was hoping the government might bail him out.

Seal pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering. His job at Microsoft included transmitting vendor payment information to Microsoft’s bank. He exploited a feature in Microsoft’s accounts payable procedure that allowed him to redirect funds to a bank account in the name of Seal’s dead Mum.

When Vole discovered the scheme, it reported it to the FBI. When the feds knocked on his door, Seal said he was sorry and said he wanted to repay the money.