Microsoft pledges support for Hyper-V OpenStack

While the OpenStack community is considering dropping support for Hyper-V, the code has got backing from Microsoft.

Hyper-V is considered by some as broken and unmaintained and fairly pointless. Thierry Carrez, a developer handling release management for OpenStack, has called for the code supporting Hyper-V to be removed from the version of OpenStack Compute under development.

In a newsgroup item called “Essex dead wood cutting,” he said Hyper-V could be removed from Essex, the version of OpenStack Compute which should be released in the middle of the year.

That comment sparked a swift retort from Microsoft that it was committed to working with the community to resolve the current issues with Hyper-V and OpenStack.

According to PC Advisor, if it is removed no one would miss it.

In fact Microsoft has been very quiet about it for ages, and has focused on its own Azure platform for use in public and private cloud deployments.

Hyper-V is included with the Windows Enterprise server licence and a lack of interest in Hyper-V in the OpenStack community means cloud service providers don’t want Windows server in their OpenStack deployments because they would rather go licence free.

But there are cloud service providers who want commercial products that are used in enterprises and thus might be more appealing to enterprise customers. This is the role that Vmware has and Microsoft wants and could explain why the latter is not keen to abandon it yet.

Microsoft could be looking for another partner to help with the development of Hyper-V support in future versions of OpenStack, but the question is why it would do it.

It does not seem that with cloud vendors not really committed to building OpenStack on Hyper-V, there’s no point doing the engineering work to get it up to scratch.