Microsoft plans to put Skype in browsers

Software giant Microsoft is trying to jack Skype’s voice calling functionality under the bonnet of browsers without the need for a standalone client.

Four new job adverts appeared under the heading “Skype for Browsers” which call  on software engineers in London and Prague with “real world experience developing HTML5 UI’s including rich interaction based on JavaScript.”

Skype has already connected to Facebook to handle its video chat features, although it only works within the social network’s walled garden of delights.

The ads’ wording suggests Microsoft will use HTML5 to get it to work with its plugin free Windows 8 Metro.

If Redmond can get it to go, it will mean that Skype could be used on Windows 8 tablets through a web app.

Microsoft has to move fast. Mozilla showed off a web-based video calling demo that uses the open source WebRTC standard to establish a connection, and a JavaScript and HTML-based SocialAPU for audio and video streaming. Google is trying to get its WebRTC into Chrome.