Microsoft patents automatic computer-shut down

Software king of the world, Microsoft is so keen on its contribution to the computer industry that it wants to make sure that no one nicks the idea.

Redmond has apparently gotten a patent  for the automatic fast shut-down of a computer.

Now those of us who have used Redmond stuff since the early days of DOS will know that the fastest system that Microsoft has come up with was the Blue Screen of Death, which gives you a microsecond to read a page with a meaningless error notice before the machine shuts down.

But Redmond did not patent that, we appear to get that for free.  

We suspect if it did, then Apple and Linux machine owners would have to write a cheque to Microsoft every time their machines bombed.  Not that an Apple or a Linux machine ever go wrong.

In August 2005, Microsoft filed for a patent to more efficiently shut down its Windows operating system as well as other operating systems.

The big idea was to override running programs that may prevent Windows from closing. It has been around for a while and is known as the “notification screen”.  It gives the user a chance to close if open and unsaved documents are still running.

Redmond mentions Windows XP in the patent description and states that “when shut down is temporarily blocked by other applications, the user experience can be unpleasant as the user may not be provided with any system generated indication of what is going on and shut down is obviously delayed.”

It fails to mention that swearing might be involved not to mention decapitation of a cat, if one gets too close to the angry user when everything goes tits up. But then again,  neither does the cut-out-and-keep wallchart of how Microsoft turns your computer off.